From Software to Softplay

Stepping out of the corporate world and becoming one of two adoptive dads

Twig by twig – building that nest

Like two busy male birds we have been flying out of the nest and coming back with twigs, belongings and ideas on how to build the  perfect nest for the boys. Perfection however is not the right goal. It's been... Continue Reading →

Our family puzzle – find the four corners and now fill in the rest….

It's been ten agonising weeks since we met the boys, having felt like we had formed the four corners of the puzzle. We are now full steam ahead with starting to fill in the rest of the picture and this is only driving our desire, hunger, excitement and feelings that this was meant to happen with these boys and that the end is in sight.

Let it flow…. can you feel it kicking?

The emotional tap is definitely switched on and flowing.....  Is this really like being pregnant? So, I mentioned previously how the emotions were heightened and boy is that true.  I can say the emotional tap is definitely flowing right now... Continue Reading →

The cat is out of the bag…. well nearly

Well, after approval and as the weeks have gone by, things are starting to firm up. With meetings being set with medical advisors, early attachment assessors, teachers, foster carers and the like,  the likelihood of this happening is fast becoming... Continue Reading →

Time goes by, so slowly….. approval, Activity Day, meeting our dream family.

Adoption process nearly completed, approvals done - now it's the time to embark on profile finding, matching & meeting our family. My first blog sharing the process so far and focusing on the activity day.

Scream if you want to go faster…

And boy do we want to go faster. Approvals done, activity day done and we can't stop thinking about the boys incessantly. The roller coaster of adoption emotions is on full speed.

We did it …. again !

Getting married for the second time!

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