Having been in the UK adoption process for some time we are about to embark on our new exciting life and new journey and all being well will be the very proud, blessed and honoured fathers of two wonderful boys.

I am going to be stepping out the corporate world for some 9-12 months after 20 years. Going form a Vice President of software sales to becoming a father. This blog is to share my experiences, thoughts and commentary on the journey.  It’s not a description of the process in general but more of a mind-share of where we are, what is happening and how the journey to become fathers progresses.

Moving from the corporate software world into the world of fatherhood and adoption is going to be the most important ‘jobs’ of our lives. It is going to be a massive transition, not looking at work emails all hours of the day and not focusing on sales targets and software processes. My world is going to be all about the children and our marriage and I  haven’t been more ready or more anticipatory for anything in my life.

I want to share my thoughts and allow this to become my self care during the process and hopefully help others. Thanks Sally Donovan for your insights on self care.

If you are thinking about doing then this might help you.  If you have worries about certain areas or feelings you don’t want to share, this might help you.  At times it may a long-winded rant, at other times it may be short, sharp and concise and during some periods I may not have much to say or time to do anything, let alone type !   If you like it get in touch. It would be great to hear from you.